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The Maze Runner: Film Review

I finally got to the theater to watch this movie. After reading the book, I can't really say that I had high expectations for the film. I could easily see, however, why the book would be optioned into a film.

This past decade has basically been the decade for young adult novels being adapted for the screen, and I am not complaining. It makes sense a book that’s sold more than 3 million copies to be adapted. James Dashner’s series already has a following (I assume since there are four books in the series), so why not capitalize on it?

So…I will do my best to not compare the film rigidly against the book. The major plotlines and story arcs were there, however there were some slight difference, which I’m assuming was for the sake of production time and film length.

Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) arrives in the box and just like in the book, everything changes with his arrival. Aml Ameen plays the leader, Alby. This kid was very good. However, there wasn’t enough screen time to fully develop his character. Chuck (Blake Cooper), an adorable character who still gives the group a sense of innocence also did not get enough screen time, which made his exit less impactful. That was a real waste on the director’s and writer’s part, but I’m assuming they did so for the sake of time, which still sucks. Character development was sorely lacking in this film. The actor who surprised me the most was Will Poulter (Gally). You may remember him from We’re the Millers or Son of Rambow. Holy freakin’ cow! He was amazing! Other Notables in the cast include Thomas Brodie-Sangster and…well…that’s pretty much it.

Teresa’s (Kaya Scodalero) and Thomas’s relationship was weird. They cut something very vital between the two (SPOILER!!!), their telepathic link. Why they did that? I’m not sure. We’ll see how this plays out in the series.

There were some unexpected things that happened that weren’t in the book and seemed extremely out of place, but the movie was still interesting. I love the fact that Patricia Clarkson will be playing the scientist in charge of all the trials (that may have been a bit of a spoiler…oops. I’m sorry!)

The ending was a letdown, because Gally’s entrance at the end was all wrong. The one in the book was way better, but I understand that having Gally come back the way he did at the end illustrated how crazed he had become because of his time in the Glade.

The way the film ended let’s audiences know that the film company wants a sequel; whether it will happen or not, may depend on how well it fares at the box office.

I definitely commend the film and the author of the book for incorporating DIVERSITY! Normally other races don't exist in dystopian futures. I am a little sad thought that all the black characters died, but people of color, we still have Minho! I don't know for how long though because I haven't read the rest of the series yet...fingers crossed!


Something that isn’t necessarily mentioned in the film but should be noted, is that all of the children are named after scientists or influential figures for example:

Chuck was short for Charles…CHARLES DARWIN!

Alby was named after Albert Einstein, Newt after Sir Isaac Newton, Gally after Galileo Galilei …and no idea about the rest. Figure them out and send them to me!

Not a stellar film, but interesting enough that I will watch the next one.

Three out of five.

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