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Spoiler Free Review: Our Flag Means Death

First things first: Today is the Trans Day of Visibility, which brings me to my favorite character in the show that I'll be reviewing, Jim...but more on them in a bit.

Our Flag Means Death is a show on HBO Max about pirates set in 1717. The show boasts quite the cast with the Gentleman Pirate played by Rhys Darby, who I've loved since Flight of the Conchords and the Marvel movies. Yes, he voices a Marvel character. Blackbeard, the terrifying, mysterious one is played by Taika Waititi, who just always does amazing work. You might also recognize Kristian Niarn (Wee John Feeney) from another HBO hit: Game of Thrones. Rounding out the crew we have Samba Schutte (Roach), Matthew Maher (Black Pete), Nathan Foad (Lucius), Joel Fry (Frenchie), Samson Kayo (Oluwande), and Vico Ortiz (Jim).

Vico Ortiz is a non-binary Puerto Rican (WEPA!) actor who portrays Jim. Without giving too much away, it was amazing to see how Jim's character developed, and everyone;s relationship with them. One connection in particular for jim would be how they get along with crewmate Oluwande. Jim is one of my favorite characters, and once you watch the show for yourself, I think that you'll learn a lot about me without me saying too much. Or maybe just be completely confused, I dunno.

The show is fun and not at all alienating. It doesn't take itself or its setting too seriously. It focuses heavily on relationships between the crew and as a whole. It's always fun to see different crew members interact with one another. It starts off slow, but becomes so charming and sweet, that when it's ready to knock the wind out of your sails, you're not ready. I highly recommend this show. Please we can talk about it.


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