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Actor Reel

This reel is a collection of highlights from Andréa's film and television work. If you are interested in seeing more of certain pieces, or pieces not included in the reel, please look at the videos below.


Andréa Agosto in a supporting role.


Agosto as the lead in making the unwashable, washable.

Clear Dandruff Shampoo (Spec Commercial)

Entry for a competition

Falcon Players Drama Promo

February 2018:  Ms. Agosto and her students promote the Drama program at Hilltop Middle School.


Recording Session - "Mayaüez"

Written by: Gil Flores

Performed by: Agosto & Flores

Cardboard Piano - Promo

Agosto played Adiel/Ruth in Diversionary's "Cardboard Piano" January 25-February 25, 2018

How to Love/Como Amar

A short music video showcasing Andréa's Spanish and singing abilities.


ACN Video Phone

This spot was re-edited for time purposes as it was originally an infomercial.


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