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*TRAILER* The Super Mario Bros (2023)

Here's the new trailer! Our first look at the animated movie of an icon.

Mario has been around long enough to be in my childhood, and my nieces' and nephews' childhoods (there should be a gender neutral term because that's a lot of letters). We are getting a new 3D animated movie of the Brooklyn plumber.

Mario is being played by Chris Pratt, with Jack Black as Bowser. The cast also consists of Anya Taylor-Joy (Princess PEach), Charlie Day (Luigi), Keegan-Michawel Key (Toad), and Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong.

My first thoughts:

It feels like a grand adventure already!

The Penguins are so cute! Did the franchise stop using them?

Jack Black sounds good.

Those mushrooms look good.

Toad is adorable in every iteration.

Where did Mario's cheeks go?

What'd you think?


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