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90s Nickelodeon at SDCC 2016

Nostalgia is not a new concept. Adults who were children or teens in the 90s have been relishing their past toys, collectibles and television shows. Nickelodeon brought a new kind of entertainment for a very specific demographic, and if the longevity of their fans' adoration is any indication of their success, it is apparent that Nickelodeon blew the 90s away.

Major castmembers from the iconic show 'All That' gathered to be part of Nickelodeon's 90s themed panel. Josh Server, Danny Tamberelli, Lori Beth Denberg and Kel Mitchell happily greeted fans. There was even a surprise appearance from the Big Ear of Corn!

While there is no reunion episode on the horizon, the cast was more than happy to share their favorite characters from the show. Server was a huge fan of Mitchell's Coach Kreeton, while Mitchell loved Denberg's Miss Fingerly. Since Tamberelli was one of the younger cast mates on the show, the group discussed how they would haze little Danny Tamberelli by not laughing at his jokes. The cast's enduring chemistry was demonstrated through constant joking around and impressions of each other. The audience laughed and cheered.

Additionally, Nickelodeon has decided to pay homage to one of its old game shows, 'Legends of the Hidden Temple,' with a TV movie of the same name. The shows host, Kirk Fogg,and voice of Olmec (Dee Bradley) showed up to talk about the show's impact nearly 20 years later. Fogg reprises his role as himself in the upcoming movie, which is slated to premiere in fall 2016. It was also revealed that the team that won the most on this game show was...the Orange Iguanas. Along with this piece of information, the panel released the trailer for the upcoming movie.

Nickelodeon is not going to miss out on the surge of 90s nostalgia. Be sure to watch the movie as the infamous Shrine of the Silver Monkey makes an appearance!

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