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Dark Phoenix...Coming to Theaters?

The geekosphere has erupted with news of X-Men: Dark Phoenix the movie.

The internet, for the most part seems pretty excited. While I am, too excited, I also know not to get my hopes up with the X-Men movie franchise. X-Men, X2, and X3 were barely mediocre. Classic characters were written in a way that were mostly annoying. Storm was nowhere near as strong and as regal as she is portrayed in the comics and the cartoons. Yes, Halle Berry is gorgeous, and with the right script a great actress. Unfortunately, she didn't have much to work with. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine wasn't my ideal choice, but he was a pleasant surprise. It's no wonder why Logan was such a success. However, other mutants deserve the Logan treatment. That may be a big reason why there is a push for the Dark Phoenix Saga to be brought to life on the screen.

As a proud nerd, blerd, geek, whatever, I was absolutely enthralled by the Dark Phoenix Saga in both the comics and the cartoon. It was so conceptually different. A being of pure power, with the ability to corrupt or heal. Not only that, but the Dark Phoenix typically inhabits the bodies of women (Jean Grey, Emma Frost). The Dark Phoenix creates destruction, heartbreak, and life. That sounds like a jilted ex-lover if you ask me. All lame jokes aside, I was fascinated by this character, and always hoped to see her come to glorious, terrifying life on the silver screen.

I have been emotionally invested in many Marvel characters. I'm a Marvel girl, but I wish this was truly a Marvel world. The diversity of the characters drew me into the universe. The complex relation and allegory of Professor X and Magneto added a new intellectual layer to comics that I didn't know I wanted, but I needed.

All I ask, is that the Dark Phoenix character is throughly researched, and not just a lure to the box office.

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