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Save the Dates! (Or at least the vicinity of said dates...)


Release dates are a double-edged sword; they give you something to look forward to but are not necessarily set in stone due to production issues and unforesen circumstances. Still, let's throw caution to the wind. Here are release dates for both Marvel and DC...with Marvel listed first because...I'm a Marvel girl.

Avengers: Age of Ultron...also to be known as Avengers 2


Avengers: Age of Ulton is slated to come out durin sometime next summer although some sources say that the date is May 1, 2015. Guess we'll find out next year, huh?



Not sure how this one will play out for the non-comcic geeks out there but it is believed that the film will be hitting theaters July 17, 2015.

Captain Amerca: Civil War


Personally, I'm over the Captain America series, but the masses want what the masses want. Look for this one around May 6, 2016.

Now let's mosey on over to the DC Universe.

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice


I have no idea how this will go, let's expect the worst and hope for the best. This just seems like something too big for the big screen and it needs an astonishgly, amazing cast. Let's see what happens March 25, 2016.

Well that was a quick trip through DC! There are several other films that are being speculated for both Marvel and DC, but only time wil tell.

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