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My Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Reboot Cast

Entertain This came out with a dream cast list for th Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Reboot in 2016. and it was so horribly lame. It seems as though they were going with what they assumed would be safe yet diverse choices for the cast. I say, "Screw that. Let's find some fun actors who can make the film worth seeing." In response, I have created my dream cast list for the reboot.

Red Ranger - Liam Hemsworth


Alpha male material, fo' sho'! He definitely has the commanding presence to play the leader of the Rangers

Blue Ranger - Nicholas Hoult


Easy...he's played a charming nerd (Beast in the X-men film series) before and Billy is...welll...he's a charming nerd..

Yellow Ranger - Ellen Wong


She's already proven that she can handle fight choreography in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. She's beautiful, tough but can also play sweet and kind. She'd be an excellent Trini.

Black Ranger - Michael B. Jordan


He was charming, witty and yet still black enough the film Chronicle, and I think with his style and edge that he'd be a great Zach.

Pink Ranger - Chloë Grace Moretz


She's got the talent and the fight capabilities. Let's bring Kimberly's character to the 21st century.

Green/White Ranger - Booboo Stewart


He's been in the X-men as the strong silent type and it would be great to see what this actor can do as Tommy.

Zordon - Jeff Bridges


Because he can play darn near anyone and anything.

This casting is based on the original cast of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers TV series. If were to cas the movie based off the old Movie, the changes I would make would be thus:

Black Ranger - Steven Yeun

black 2.jpg

He's survived zombies/walkers in The Walking Dead, I'm sure handling a few putties would be a breeze.

Yellow Ranger - Keke Palmer


She looks great in yellow and has acting chops for days.

I think it'd be really great for original series/movie cast members from the series could make appearances in the film as well.

Wonder who other people would pick and why...

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