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Trill League

As a blerd, I am ashamed to say I only heard of Trill League a couple of months ago. This. Is. Dope. Trill League is a parody of DC's Justice League, except cooler and funnier.

This dope comic, and hopefully soon-to-be [adult swim] cartoon, was created by self-taught Chicago-based illustrator, Anthony "Blk Ant" Piper. He combined his love for manga with his love for hip-hop, and the Trill League was born!

Volume 1 of Trill League began with Wondeisha and Swoleman having their sex tape leaked, which causes a dynamic shift within the team, allowing another superhero to take over, However, Blackmayne was suspicious of this newcomer...what happened next? You need to read to find out!

Buy a digital copy, and support this innovative comic!

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