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2 Decades of Slayin' Vamps

OH. MY. GAWD. March 10th, only 9 days from now, Buffy the Vampire Slayer turns 20 years old! In light of this historic achievement, Fox Consumer Products has announced various activities for the celebration.

Fans will be able to watch the original premiere on Pop (to find your channel go to on March 10th at 9 AM ET/PT.

While watching the premiere, you can geek out with the latest merchandise that Fox Consumer Products launched with Dark Horse, Simon & Schuster, Insight Editions, Hot Topic, Harper Design,AC/DC Apparel, Jasco, Upper Deck, Ripple Junction, and more!

BoxLunch and Fox Consumer Products have also partnered together, to bring to you an exclusive promotion across all their U.S. retail locations and online website while giving back to a good cause as BoxLunch provides a meal to a person in need for every $10 spent in their store. No buyer's guilt here.

The anniversary celebration continues with the Sunnydale High Yearbook Contest in the U.S. for a chance to win a prize of a trip to San Diego Comic Con. Fans posting their high school photos with a -- and Buffy caption in the form of a “senior quote” are elegible to win. Facebook and Twitter is where it's going down. Contest details and rules will be found on

Fans are encouraged to use "#BuffySlays20, and tweet the cult-classic's stars:

· Sarah Michelle Gellar @SarahMGellar

· Joss Whedon @joss

· Alyson Hannigan @alydenisof

· Anthony Stewart @AnthonySHead

· David Boreanaz @David_Boreanaz

· James Marsters @JamesMarstersOf

· Charisma Carpenter @AllCharisma

· Amber Benson @amber_benson

· Emma Caulfield @emmacaulfield

· Eliza Dushku @elizadushku

· Danny Strong @DannyStrong

· Michelle Trachtenberg @RealMichelleT

· Seth Green @SethGreen

· Nicholas Brendon @NicholasBrendon

· Kristine Sutherland @thekutherland

· Tom Lenk @tomlenk

· Armin Shimerman @ShimermanArmin

· Juliet Landau @julietlandau

· DB Woodside @TheReal_Db

This show was one of my favorites. I can't wait. Only 9 days!

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