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Batman Villiains: My Dream Actors

Who doesn't love a Batman Villiain? I f you don't, this post is not for you.

Batman had many a great villain and I've compiled a list of actors and actresses I could see playing a few of them.

Firs up, Mr. Freeze...

Here's a reminder of what he looks like in the animated series. Smart, cold, calculating...

Who better than Patrick Stewart? WHO?! This man is brilliant in nearly everything he does and I would prefer a more intellectual Mr. Freeze, rather than the brawny one Mr. Schwarzeneggar brought to the screen.

The Riddler is a character who doesn't get anywhere near as much love as the Joker, but I think that could change...

...if he was played by Crispin Glover.

Many a fangirl was less than thrilled by Halle Berry's portrayal of the character in the movie Catwoman. Let's have a do-over.

Jada Pinkett-Smit is a versatile, dynamic actress. She's done action before so we don't have to worry about her there. And that figure though... I know some people may not agree since she is on Gotham, however, the television show doesn't have to do much with the casting of this hypothetical movie in my head.

Just look at the pictures. BAM! I think Emma Stone could totally pull off a sultry, conniving femm fatale.

Harly Quinn is lovable, despite (...or because of?) her crazy.

I would like to see how Brittany Snow plays her. She has played a schizophrenic before in a somber yet empowering short film series and think she could do a lot with the character.

And last, but certainly not least...the Joker

Heath Ledger left some pretty big shoes to fill...

Robert Knepper is no stranger to playing a villain (Heroes and PRison Break) and I think he could bring the right amount of creepy sociopath to keep this character memorable

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