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Page to Screen: Vol. 2: Sin City A Dame to Kill For


I just picked up Sin city: A Dame to Kill For the graphic novel and finished it almost as quickly as I picked it up, and wow! This book packs a punch.

I will be very careful in what I reveal about the book. I don’t want to give anything away to new readers or people who get super angry at spoilers. There is kind of a little spoiler in here though…so…don’t hate me!

The story begins by introducing the audience to Dwight. He is a photographer and is hired to take photos of a disgusting, disgruntled man and his mistress. After the man has had his way with her, he is driven mad by fear and jealousy and tries to kill her, but Dwight steps through the skylight and intervenes.

After going about the rest of the responsibilities associated with that job, he receives a call from an old flame, Ava. After denying her advances on her phone, he finally agrees to meet her. Dwight heads to Club Pecos Ava and runs into everyone’s lovable giant, Marv.

The dialog is amazing! So Noir it hurts. For example, Dwight thinks the following during his first encounter with Ava: “She moves close, all vulnerable, a deer caught in the headlights. I could slug her.” P.39

The moral of this story: No dame is worth killing for.

Ava is a true femme fatale. She’s deadly, manipulative and downright sociopathic. She looks out for no one but herself.

Dwight gets jaded once he is betrayed the “bird of prey in a gilded cage” and sets out to exact his revenge.

The graphic novel really sucks you into the noir that is Sin City. It’s dark, gritty, moody and full of a cool, seething almost silent rage. I am excited to experience the graphic novel on the big screen.

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