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Can't get enough of your love, babe

So in, I think summer of 2011, I booked a gig in the recording studio with Hallmark.

Me and two other fabulously talented ladies met in a recording studio in downtown Kansas City, MO. An older man asked us if we had hear Merry-okee to which I responde, "YES! That thing is so annoying!" The man then explained that we would be doing a similar toy, but in the style of Barry White, Barry-okee. The mic would make the singer's voice deeper and there would be backup singers who sang along or said something sassy.

I was told it would be realease the following Valentine's day. However, I saw no toy on the shelf. I was pretty sure the project died, and then I stumbled on thes video and proceeded to freak the absolute eff out! These two guys have a YouTube channel called Good Mythical Morning and are pretty funny. I was so glad to stumble upon it. Please check it out!

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