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Catsup, Ketchup...CATCH UP!


It's only February and this year has been busy! So much has happened! I'm in a play, I started school again, and...SPIDER-MAN IS FINALLY JOINING THE MARVEL MOVIE FRANCHISE!

I am doing my best to get caught up, but honestly, between working full time, going to school, doing early field work for my teaching credential and acting...gets a little exhausting.

I couldn't go into March without a post though. I would have felt terrible.

Anyway, the play that I am in is called You Can't Take it With You, playing at the Lamb's Player's Theater in Coronado. It's a lot of fun...mostly because I get to hold kittens. *squeal* (Don't judge.)

This is the first period piece I've done in a long time. I really love my hair! I mean...I'm wearing a wig but it just looks so good! :P

After this semester is over and my application to SDSU's bilingual single subject credential is submitted, I will return to the blogosphere with more geek news and opinion pieces...and maybe even a research study or two...who knows? :)

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