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Henry V

Performed free of charge in non-theatrical venues such as gymnasiums, cafeterias, shelters, senior centers, refugee community centers, military installations, and correctional facilities.


Production Stage Manager - Chandra R.M. Anthenill

Assistant Stage Manager - Evelyn G. Myers


Dramaturgy - Sonia Desai Assistant Director - Andréa Agosto

Assistant Scenic Design- Eileen McCann Assistant

Costume Design - Natalie Barshow

Production Tour Coordinator - Andrea Fernández

Production Assistant - Isabel Rodriguez

Technical Crew - Kevin Orlof

Wardrobe - Marie Teresa Jove Zanela

Stage Management Apprentice - Isabel Chua

Production Manager - Ben Thoron

Associate Production Manager and Production Stage Manage - Leila Knox

Photos by Rich Soublet Photography

The Globe for All Tour brings the Bard’s thrilling history play to the San Diego community. The year is 1415, and the young and reckless Prince Hal has left his wild partying days behind and matured into thoughtful kingship. He rallies a ragtag group of English soldiers for a long-shot invasion of the mighty kingdom of France. Full of action and the electrifying language that marks Shakespeare at his height, Henry V is a rousing portrait of courage against all odds, directed by Johanna McKeon (NouraAnonymous Biography).

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