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Comedy of Errors Adapted by Emil Weinstein

Shakespeare meets “The Jersey Shore”

Em Weinstein (Director) 

Andréa Agosto (Associate Director)

Yi-Chien Lee (Scenic and Prop Design)

Charlotte Devaux (Costume Design)

Erin Paige-Bhamrah (Sound Design)

Chandra R.M. Anthenill (Production Stage Manager)

Rich Soublet II (Photographer)

Shakespeare meets “The Jersey Shore” in the hilarious Globe for All Tour of The Comedy of Errors! A young man and his servant arrive in town, unaware that each of them has an identical twin already there. Things can’t possibly end well—or maybe they can, but not before the mistaken identities lead to confused lovers, shocked family members, and all-out comic chaos. Get your hair gel and spray tan ready for one of the Bard’s most outrageous comedies, filled with music and brought to life by award-winning director Em Weinstein as it visits communities across San Diego County.

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